2014 Wishlist

Today i’m gonna share with you all my beauty wishes for the new year. And I start with my first and essencial wish… MONEY! Without it, i sure can’t buy a freaking damn thing. So.. someone hire me please!

No specific order

Lush’s Snow Fairy: I never hold it in my hand or even smelled it but i’m obsessed and i need it. I need it now. Especially my body. I want to be a tasty goddess and feel like i’m in Candy Land.


MAC’s Cyber and Myth: The day i tried Cyber… i was (like Beyoncé would say) dangerously in love. I didn’t took it off until i went to bed… and trust me… it took some long hours. Everything in that lipstick is almost as perfect as Ryan Gosling. My lips and Cyber will make wonderful babies together. And Myth is the perfect nude lipstick. It’s the right color for the lips. Not too heavy and not too light. Amazing.

Any Urban Decay Naked Palette: Any palette of Naked is as great as can be. And i was so in love with the 3rd one. Those pink tones look so pretty! I really want to buy it and try every single color, every day, every time. (any donations are accepted)

Anastacia Beverly Hills (Brow Pro Palette, Brow Wiz..): It’s a shame that you cannot find any of their stuff in Portugal. Not even at the damn Sephora. I saw on instagram some people using their brow stuff and my first reaction was “I want it!”. I think i never saw such good products for the eyebrows. They make them look so natural and amazing. I really want to try them all.

Illamasqua: Once again, it’s a shame this is another brand you can’t find here. I’m soooo in love with every single product of Illamasqua. I can’t even choose what i want. The day i go to a store (or else) i think i’ll go crazy.

Maybelline’s Babylips: Ooooh i got to try this. It’s so appealing to me. I’ve hear such good things. All the colors, smells, packages… i’m almost sure i’m gonna love it and my lips will become more soft than a baby’s butt.

Revlon’s Lash Potion: i dont know why, but i think my lashes will be big as a ponytale when i try this one!


Too Faced Indulgence/A Few of My Favorite Things palette: these are two palettes that i really want to try because they look so freaking appealing to me. And because it’s a brand that i want to try but my wallet hasn’t let me yet.

Benefit: Any. Damn. Product. I mean, have you seen their packages?? They are so lovable and cute and puking rainbows that i wanna buy them all just for that. And because they seem such great brand.

Well. I think I’m not forgeting anything, but this will be updated as the year goes by. What about you? What are your beauty wishes for the year? Xxx


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