Instagram Beauty

First of all, i have to apologize for my english mistakes. I just corrected a few on my last post… it’s really annoying. But i’ll get there! 

Now… we all use social media. It’s the most useful thing, especially for promotion. The most recent app that is rising to the top hoping to take Facebook’s throne, it’s Instagram. And righfully so. We get to know such great work and people. We can share anything with pictures (and now videos). So, i figured i selected a few insta makeup people to show and make you know their work so you can check it out! It was kinda difficult because i follow such great artists!

(you can check my instagram and follow (if you want) here)



She’s a great makeup artist. You can find any kind of makeup on her page. I found her by Illamasqua’s iG.



A very talented makeup artist.You can find the best eye makeup.



If you love makeup like this, this is what you’ll get. I looove her makeup! So gorgeous. And i’m in love with her hair.



He is definitly one of the bests! He’s only 17 and self taught but, as you can see, you can see the most amazing work from  him. I’m amazed with him.



I’m in looooooooooove with this. Can you imagine this is all makeup?! It looks like a damn paint! Crystal is amazing. Even more now that she’s expecting her baby #4. Congrats, girl!



Shauney has the best eye art you can ever see. He does such beautiful things. He’s incredible! It’s sooo well done i can’t even imagine how much work does it take. I love him.



In my modest opinion, she’s the most gorgeous girl. And it was her and her makeup skills that made me start loving makeup so much. She has accomplished so much. She’s a self taught and now works for MAC.

What’s your favorite beauty instagrams? Who you will never unfollow? xxx


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