New hair & Eau Thermale Avène D-Pigment

Hey guys!

As i told you last post, my hair was a freaking mess! But i have solved and i love it! I’m a pink princess now, all hail! (enough with exclamation points)

It’s shot, it’s pink, it’s everything soo….



This is it!

So, now that we are done with that… i want to tell you about Eau Thermale Avène D-Pigment. I told you last month that I had an incident with my face. I burned it. I freaking burned it. And it let me with a spot and i used soooo much Bepanthene you have no idea. But it help me a lot but what made my spot go away, well, it’s fading by the time, it’s not completly off yet it’s the Avène D-Pigment.

It has 3 selected active ingredients and synergists with these characteristics , without side effects, and gathered them into a formula – D – Pigment : Mélanyde, retinaldehyde and pre – Tocopheryl , a precursor of vitamin E with anti -oxidant action. Softens brown spots localized or extensive , prevents the appearance of new spots and evens the complexion . And the cool thing is that you can use it in any type of skin!

So if you ever have this type of problem, i leave you this recommendation.


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