Youtube: Beauty gurus

Hey beauties,

as you know, internet is the best thing to learn about anything. And you can do it in any social network or even on the biggest website; Youtube.

Lately, i’ve been following great beauty gurus on Youtube. But my favorite is, without a doubt, Nikkitutorials. She’s great, funny and so talented. I really enjoy watching her videos and doing her magic.

Here you can watch her recreate a look from the movie “Froken”. How great is this? She has even recreate looks from Katy Perry to Beyoncé. She makes it so easy and you can really learn from her and try to improve your makeup skills.

Another channel that is also really good and has the best makeup looks is Pixiwoo. They are two great artists that are more mature with amazing fancy looks and teach you how to do any type of makeup and they also recreate celebrity’s looks.

That’s a tutorial about contoured face and metallic eyes. See how great they are? Anyone can learn from them.

Another guru that I really enjoy is “the” Michelle Phan. I mean, is there anyone who doesn’t know who she is?? She’s great and adorable. And recently made a commercial for One Of a Kind

I looove sugar skulls, so i really loved this one. Shows how beautiful can it be and how talented she is. And it shows that the more videos and views you get, the more sucess you have and it’s well deserved.

Last but not least, Lauren Curtis. I just followed her but she is sooooooooo gorgeous and talented and perfect. I was watching her videos last night and was amazed.

This is the Valentine’s Day makeup. I adored this one, it’s simple but pretty and not anyone can pull red off. And it’s strange to see this work out without any eyeliner, it doesn’t even need!

I would recommend these youtubes to anyobody interested. So, i hope you check them out. 🙂 what about you? Is there any gurus that you follow and love? Tell us all about them!


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