Makeup look; ombré lips

Hey guys,

my makeup today was all about ombré lips. Gonna show what i used and how it looks but i apologize for the quality of the pictures, they do not make it justice and it was too dark when i took them.



So, you can see a little of the black on the sides and my eyes are waaay darker than it shows.

So i used all of this;

2014-01-28 18.46.43

For the face I used Beauty Uk’s foundation matte (which i already made a review), kiko’s powder, bronzer and beauty uk’s rouge blush.

Eyes: for the crease i used a light brown, in the middle  i have used a golden shadow, on the inner and outer crease i used a really dark brown (almost black). For the lower lashline i used the dark brown, the golden eyeshadow and a khol black pencil. Finished with kiko’s mascara.

2014-01-28 18.10.09

Brows: filled with light brown and put some white pencil on the brow bone.

lips: khol black pencil and pulpy plum.

And that was it. I always have fun trying new things and i really love seeing dark lipsticks with a even darker color and i think these two really belong together!

My brows are just a mess because i’m trying to grow them, but now i make them darker than they’re now.

Hope you all enjoyed it!



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