Makeup industry



Have a job in the makeup industry must be one of the most difficult things. You have to have experience… and a course. But courses are expensive and you can’t have experience unless someone gives you an opportunity.

I’ve said here that i’d like to take a makeup course but if i’m still unemployed, then I don’t have money to take one because it’s crazy expensive. The most easy job you can have here is at Kiko’s Cosmetics and you have no idea how many cv’s i have sent to them. They must be sick of me already. But never got a call. And yeah, you must think “you have no experience how the hell you think you have any chance to get a job there?”, but the funny thing is that it’s no obligation to have a course. And it pisses me off to go to a store and see an employee that can’t even give a foundation for your skin tone but yet she’s there and i’m here. Cause I know i would do a better job because I don’t want to fail the costumers.

(The pic collage you see, it’s what i always send them. It’s not much or amazing but it’s something and I think it shows something… at least for me.)

Makeup is growing and most people are starting to give it value but here in Portugal is still hard. I see on IG makeup artists  giving each other support and newbies and whatever and they all from the same places, like New York or London, where makeup is more recognized and have events like IMATS and MAC do the greatest stuff, and here they do nothing about it. 
It’s hard for me to have passion for something and not having an opportunity to prove my value and how much I would do.

This is definitly not the land of opportunities.

I tried to come up with ideas to prove what i’m worth and to improve but it’s hard when I know nobody that has any interest in it.


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