Makeup tips

(este post está feito em inglês, se houver alguém que o queira traduzido, por favor diga)

Hey everyone,

today i’m here to tell you about some makeup tips to have the flawless [makeup] of them all.

  1. Clean and hydrate your skin – To have the perfect makeup, you have to have the perfect skin. It’s very important to take care of it so it doesn’t become sore, irritated… and always be flawless.
  2. Tape/pencil/kleenex for eyeliner/eyeshadow – to do a cat liner or a different type of eye makeup can be tricky. So to do as precise as you can, is very helpful to use something that helps you define a line and not  make it a real mess.
  3. Lip liner – to have the perfect lips it’s good to use a lip liner, specially if it matches your lipstick or is a bit darker than your lip color. It gives you full lips and define them as well.
  4. Concealer – concealer is great to cover flaws or to help something pop out. You can use it under your lower lashes, in your brow bone, onto the inner corner of the eye and next to your nose. It will look like you have the greatest skin.
  5. Hair –  it may not be a makeup tip, but will pull your makeup look together. For example, if you want all the attention to be your makeup, just do a ponytail.
  6. Teeth lipstick free – i’m pretty sure that it has happen to us all to have lipstick in our teeth. It’s embarassing. But to avoid this to happen, after putting  lipstick just stick your finger into your mouth and slowly take it off to remove the excess. (yeah, i know how sexually this sounds).
  7. Longer lashes – if you want to have long lashes but don’t want to use fakes one, just buy lengthening mascara and will help you achieve it.
  8. Brows – brow are the most important part of your face, it will define it. If you want full brows, just use an eyeshadow of your natural color or a tone or 2 darker. It will look natural without using a pencil.
  9. Fix – it’s important to hold your make up together and make it last as many hours as possible. So just use a primer or else. Like  Fix+by MAC.
  10. Take it off – by the end of the day, always take your makeup off. I know some days we are too tired or don’t feel like it but if you do it, your skin will thank you and you will too because it will not be irritated or something else.

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