Common makeup mistakes

Hey sweeties!

Today i’m here to tell you about some commom mistakes we do in makeup. Can you relate?

Let’s go!


  1. Wrong foundation – it’s really easy to pick the wrong foundation for our skin. We tend to choose the one that makes us a little “tanner” than we are. But we have to choose the one that goes with our skin color, specially when we have so many ways to give us more color, like a bronzer or blush. If you ask yourself if you should go for the lighter or darker one, always go for the lighter foundation. In case of doubt, ask in the store you’re going to buy it from.
  2. Using lip liner – Everyone likes to fill their lips to make them seem fuller. But there is 2 mistakes that we always end up doing; filling the lips in the wrong way (passing the line of our lips) and choose the wrong lip liner color (we should choose a liner that matches the lipstick color)
  3. Wrong eyeshadow – I mean, we wear whatever the hell we want but if we want some contrast or making our eyes excel, we should never ever wear an eyeshadow that is the same color of our eyes. If you have brown eyes, use some blue eyeshadow. If you have green use some pink.
  4. Bad blending – if we’re going to use foundation, concealer, blush… we have to blend it veeery well. So it doesn’t look over the top, like a clown or the flaws you want to cover… not covered at all. Always make sure  (in a good light) that everything is on point.
  5. Over the top highlighting – if you abuse it, you’re going to look like the freaking sun! … or that you have really oil skin.
  6. Plucking your eyebrows too much – Eyebrows is the most important thing to mold your face. So, if you pluck it too much it just not gonna look good. Not flattering at all. Just let them be wild and bold.
  7. Using too much makeup – this is debatable. There is good too much makeup and bad too much makeup. Bad blending, too much blush, too much eye color, too much everything. Just be careful to not make over the top makeup or you will look like a damn clown.

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  1. this is nice Information, thanks for sharing. Hope we will read many other good things from you in future also. Regards

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