Simple Valentine’s Day makeup look

Hey guys!

Today i’m here to show you a makeup look that i have recreated from Jessica’s Instagram (jess_rainbow86). It’s really simple and not (for me) a makeup cliché at all. Here it is.


So, this is really simple as you can see.

For the face, start with a primer like Mac’s Fix+. Let it dry, then use a foundation or powder  and blend it well. Use blush instead of bronzer. Like a light brown or a pinkish color.

Go to your brows and fill it with a same shadow as your natural color or a tone or 2 darker. If necessary, use a pencil do design it. Clean the excess and use a concealer to make it clean and make it pop.

For the eyes use a primer to make the color more intense and to make it last longer. The use a red eyeshadow and blend it all over the eye and under lashes with the fluffiest brush you have. You can mix it with a darker color if you want. After all the blending, use am eyeliner and make the longest cat liner you can. For the water line you either can use a white or black pencil, your choice. The finish it with false lashes to make a stronger eye look. In this case, I would use dramatic ones.

For the lips, use a lip pencil that goes with the lipstick and as for the color go for a pinkish red or morange. Not too red, not too pink.

And there you have, your Valentine’s Day look! Hope you enjoy it! Below it’s the original makeup look. Thanks Jess!

2014-02-12 16.21.07


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