Sephora’s Base Lissante Smoothing Primer

Hey guys!

Yesterday I went shopping and bought two things for my little self. One is, finally, Cyber by freaking Mac! I’m so in love with it and i’m so wearing it for a dinner this Friday. Now I can cross it of my wishlist for this year!

The other thing i bought was by coincidence. I went to Sephora and the employee told me they had a product with discount… their base lissante smoothing primer! I was intrigued by it so i asked her to see it. Tried it on my hand and it felt wonderful, so i got it.

this primer is like a trasparent gel and you put 2 or 3 drops in your hand and put it all over your face and then, you will feel the magic happening. This is glorious. Your face becomes soo smooth and refined.

This is also gonna help with your makeup. As the gel forms a “barrier” between the skin and the makeup so this will make it last longer and with a good finish. This primer is also great for oily and mixed skin.

Also heard that if you mix it with your foundation, will make it lighter and a tone skin more uniform.

I bought for 8€, more or less. But the normal price is around 12€, if not mistaken.


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