Carnival time

It’s time for Carnival and people are going out with costumes and having fun. But one of the cool things of this time is that we can do our makeup whatever we like that people will not look at us like freaking weirdos.
So, last night i watched a youtube video about a makeup for this time and decided to recreate it in my own way.



I think masks always give you mistery. People don’t know what’s behind them so makes it more fun.

I used foundation and powder to make my skin look perfect. Then with a black pencil, i drew the lines of the mask, filled it a very dark shadow.

Drew some lines around the mask with my gel liner by Inglot and used lip liner for the dots. I tried a pink one but i thought it was too “colorful” for the makeup so i used a brown one over.

Made a simple eye makeup. Filled the eye with a nude shadow, then on the lid used a golden shadow and dark brown on the outter corner and smoked it all. Did some cat liner and used the same eyeliner on the water line and finished with mascara. Sad I don’t have lashes with me to give a more dramatic look.

Then  on the lips I just used Cyber by Mac.

What are your makeup plans for this Carnival? If you post it, please show me!


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