Post of opinion

Hey beauties,

after seeing so many comments on social networks that are pissing me off, i decided to write this just to get off my chest.

I’m getting tired of seeing women picking on women because of the stupidest things. We all should stick together and not bashing each other.

I don’t have any problem some women don’t like makeup or to use it, it’s their choice, their faces and i have nothing to do with it and i’m pretty most women think the same. So why the hell those women who wear nothing on their faces have the need to bash the girls who do? Why the hell those people think they are somehow superior because of that? They’re NOT.

Just because you wear no makeup doesn’t mean you are better than the girl who uses it. Means the girl takes more time to care of herself and if you bash her for it it is just not right. What makes it so wrong that someone likes to feel pretty and wear a pretty lipstick or eyeshadow? Is it because you can’t even use a freaking eyeliner?

Makeup doesn’t define the person you are, doesn’t change you. Makeup helps people with skin problems, people who like to be creative, people who like to try different looks, people that just want to feel good with themselves and there is NOTHING wrong with that. What is wrong is to see women being mean to another because of it. Just makes you ignorant and no makeup in the world could change the meaness some people have.

I’m all in favor to ban animal testing but i’m against stupidity.

You are who you are, with makeup or not. We live in a free world that allows us to be and do what we want and we should not be judge for that. we all should do whatever makes us feel better.

(post in portuguese:


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