I’m back! Wella Trend Event; hair

(versão portuguesa aqui)

Hey guys!

Like i told you last post, i went in a little trip to attend the Wella Trend Event in Albufeira, Algarve and got to know all the hair trends for this Spring/Summer.

Before i tell you all about it, let me just show you the hotel i stayed it. It was great! It was like a little apartment with everything. It was a shame i couldn’t enjoy it more due to the event.



The staff was great and I enjoyed my time in their hotel, it’s never like home but hey, where wifi exists, it’s always like home! Now, let’s get to all the trends!


Day 2

(the first day was the arrival and nothing much happened)

On the second day we had 4 workshops but i’m only tell about the first two just because it was all about the hair color and cut.

Color: This Spring/Summer it’s gonna be all about the natural colors (especially blonde), browns and faded (like the sun influenced it or corals/pink ). The faded colors it’s not new since it’s been used quite a lot in the past year or less and isn’t a trend that does much for me, to be honest. I just like when different colors are used instead of lighter tones.  Just be bold and use pink or blue or whatever fun color, they fade as well and look more fun for Summer.


As you can see, it’s the same for men. But for me, men with locks is kinda a turn off. So, i just hope they don’t over use this trend.


Cut: This one is called Undone Collection. Which mean it’s the perfect cut with an undone effect. Like, one side shorter than the other, layered cuts and so on. You can do whatever you want and be creative. I looove this trend because it’s me, my hair is never right. I don’t like it, i think it’s a bore. So, you can use this trend to get outside of your comfort and be bold for a change.



Day 3

This day was not about trends but to get to know what we can do with long hair (trust me, you can do a whoooole lot!). We had a workshop with Patrick Cameron and he’s simply amazing. So fun, creative and humble. Watching him doing those crazy stuff and see how fast he works it was simply great, i definitly became a fan of his. (Please go check him out, you will be impressed)

He just wants sexy and messy hair, do things that you don’t usually see and do something different. It was a fresh air. I’m leaving just a few looks for you to see because, trust me, he did sooo many!


The first picture on the left, the girl have a really long hair so this was an amazing illusion of short hair! His inspiration for that look was Marilyn Monroe.

One thing he said that me see how great he is, was when he talked about if he ever worked with celebrities… he’s doing this for 25 years and is asked a lot by famous people to do their hair but he ALWAYS turn them down! He never did any celebrity hair! And you know why? Because celebrities for him are hairdressers, they and the industry are the reason for him to do all this. And for him, working with famous people would be just a pain in the ass.


Overall, it was a great event when I learned a lot. It’s a good experience for people of the industry or outside of it. I will gladly come back if i ever have another opportunity like this. I just have to thank to the people who gave me the chance to be a part of this.



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