Review: Inglot’s black gel eyeliner

(versão portuguesa)

Hey guys,

So, today i’m here to tell you about the black gel eyeliner of Inglot.

I already have purpleish one but i had to have the black, so i decided to use my coupon on it and it was worth it.

There is black and black and this, ladies and gentlemen, is black! It may seem a small pot but it is something that you will have for ages. If you just use a little bit, it’s almost enough to do a whole line.

It’s really easy to use, it’s not too creamy and not too dry. But it’s good that you don’t leave it open or it will indeed dry and is gonna be a problem.

I got tired of liquid liner after using gel eyeliner for the first time. It’s really easy to use and it’s awesome to do creative eyeliners. With a brush, you can do so much with this.

There is just a good and also bad thing about this Inglot’s gel, after it dry it really sticks and it’s not easy to take it off. It’s good because it stays all day and maybe all night but it’s bad for when you want to take it off and you take a little time until all comes off.

Overall, it’s a good black, a good eyeliner. The only problem is to take it off and it does dry too quickly.



Have you tried? if so, what’s your thoughts?




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