When products disappoint

(versão portuguesa mais tarde aqui)

Hey guys!

Today i’m here to tell you about two products that suck balls, at least for me. I have them for awhile but decided to share it with you just in case you ever wonder to try them.

Isn’t it terrible when you spend money for nothing?! Dayum.

Beauty UK – Blemish perfect nude

Guys, guys, guuuuuuys. This was the first concealer i bought and it’s terrible. I mean, it’s not nude, i can’t even say what colour it is but it’s lighter than nude. It’s hard to blend, it’s way light and i tried to take a picture with flash to see how I looked like with it… and i’m just gonna say it with this picture:

Can you imagine if actually someone took a picture of me with that concealer on??? Eek, what a nightmare. The good thing is that was not expensive at all. I have their foundation as well but is not for me, i need a new one. But if you want to know my thoughts about it, you can see it here.

So, I will not purchase it again. I don’t know if it was just me or the product really is like this for everyone but i still have hopes for the brand itself.

Kiko’s colour eyeliner in white

I’m just going to tell you about the white one since i didn’t try the other ones. But let me tell you it was the WORST thing i bought there. I have lots of Kiko’s products but daaaamn that eyeliner is terrible. If it’s suppose to be white… it’s not. It seems like it’s just water with some glitter. When you try it it’s just so messy to use. It really can smudge your eye makeup because is so watery (is that even a real word?).

Well, they are always changing their products so i don’t even know if they still sell these eyeliners but if not, it was a smart decision. Just because they have very good prices, doesn’t mean their clients deserve sucky products.

And that’s it. Do you have any product that you regret buying?

Have a lovely day. xx


2 responses to “When products disappoint

  1. Great post! Thankfully I haven’t tried out the Kiko Colour Eyeliner. That’s one of my favorite brands, so it would’ve sucked to be disappointed by one of their products! -BeautyByAndriana

    • I really don’t know if the other ones work the same way but they must have the same formula… I don’t buy any eyeliners there anymore. I’m absolutely in love with the Inglot ones. 🙂 and yes, Kiko is a great brand! Xx

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