Makeup Artists on Instagram Pt.2


Estou aqui para mais umas recomendações de makeup artists no Instagram a seguir. Já tinha feito isto há uns meses atrás e podem ver aqui.

Espero que gostem e sigam. Podem também partilhar nos comentários artistas que gostam e seguem.

Se quiserem podem também seguir o meu instagram aqui.

(nota: as descrições vão estar somente em inglês)

I’m here with more recomendations of makeup artists on Instagram to follow. I’ve already made it a few months ago and you can see it here.

Hope you like it and follow. You can also share in the comments some artists that you like and follow.

If you want, you can also follow me here.


2014-06-26 15.34.49

MarionCameleon is really a camaleon! She can do whatever to her face that it will always look gorgeous and flawless. Follow her here.


2014-06-26 15.35.53

Will you believe me if i tell you this guy is only freaking 15?!?! Cause it’s true! He’s young but already acts like a true pro. Must keep an eye on him! Follow here


2014-06-26 15.36.51

Makeupmouse… can’t you already tell but this picture how an awesome artist she is?! Follow here


2014-06-26 15.37.31

She is the QUEEN of contour and highlight. She can change her face how in hell she wants and it’s none of ya business! She really can teach a thing or two. Follow here.


2014-06-26 15.38.25

She’s a foreign cool makeup artist. Her makeup is always so beautiful and inspiring. You really should check it out here. She also has a Youtube channel and you can see her videos (with subs) here


2014-06-26 15.39.21

I love looove this girl, she is very sweet and humble.. and of course, talented as hell. She became recently part of Batalash, a blog started by the awesome Samantha! Check JKissa out, you’ll not regret it, also she as a Youtube channel when you can see her do adorable things here. Btw, vote for the Nyx Face Awards here.


2014-06-26 15.40.04DA QUEEN! Words cannot describe how obsessed i’m with this girl. Her personality, her talent… is beyond everything! I want to be her when i grow up. Really. Like Now. FOLLOW here instagram here. Check her AWESOME Youtube channel here and check her amazing blog with an awesome team (including JKissa) here.


And that’s wrap for today folks! Hope you liked it and i’ll see you next time.

E é tudo por hoje pessoal! Espero que tenham gostado e até à próxima.


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